Runaway Drakaina
Ellie is an anxious girl who seemed perfectly normal until she was mysteriously afflicted with glittering green scales and large dragon tail. Her parents have done their best to slow this curse and hide their daughter from the world. However, they could never stop Jane, a rowdy child with big plans, from discovering this secret. Runaway Drakaina is the story of these two best friends running away together. While the journey is difficult, the two are determined to find a home of their own.

Team Melody’s Babysitting Gig
Addy is awoken one night by a bright flashing light, and discovers her perfect older sister’s big secret… and wants in on it!

The Stardust Scouts Explore
The Stardust Scouts spend their time exploring strange and interesting planets while trying to stay in touch with each other.

Isa longs to leave the dulldrums of her small village life in order to explore the world around her! The call of the sea is especially enticing…

Farm Equipment
Anna Jenkins makes an unexpected friend one day when her father contacts an inventor with an interesting piece of farm equipment for sale.

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