Sara DeVoe, also known as Cosmignon, is a passionate and energetic illustrator and comic creator. She has been drawing seriously since the 6th grade, when she swore with determination in her tweenage heart that she would be voted the school’s most artistic student (and she was)!

She graduated from the University of Redlands with a B.A. in Studio Arts in 2019. Since then, she has been looking for illustration, character design, and comic work! She is especially interested in the fields of book cover illustrations, children’s books, and graphic novels.
She has several years of experience in commission work with individual clients.

Sara believes that art is an important tool for communication and connection. Her work is an expression of the hobbies she enjoys, people she loves, and stories she’s been inspired by. Her favorite subjects include diverse bodies, space, glitter, fantasy, and sci-fi. As a lesbian, she also makes efforts to include LGBTQ+ themes in all of her work. If just one person see themselves in her work, and it sparks a love of art, she’s doing what she’s meant to do.

For inquiries about commissions, freelance, or full time illustration/comic work, please use the contact form below to reach her!

email – cosmignon.info@gmail.com